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New member!
Originally posted by laurie

Thank you for all the wonderful warm welcomes. I see you like to have fun too!!! Cool. I'm in Hemet, CA. Don't own a horse yet but would love to own own. Thought this would be the best place to start.

Hello and welcome.

I know exactly where Hemet is - I lived in what I called "upper Romoland" for five years and did most of my shopping in Hemet. I loved the plaza where Von's is (or maybe was by now).

I lived there while there were still places to ride horses right from my house and the Domenigoni Reservoir didn't get finished until about the last 18 months before I left SoCal to return back east of the Mississippi, where there's grass - lol lol

Lots of good information on this forum - welcome again[Smile]
Welcome- crazy fun group-glad you joined!
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From what I have been reading, owning a horse is expensive and time consuming but I love them. I believe they are one of Yaweh's most beautiful creatures.
Exactly!! Although I personally think Dogs & Horses are tied!! Lol
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