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Renewed back to riding and a new horse.
He my name is maddie and I have been out of riding for about 20 years. I've owned horses for the kids for about ten. My dh has a gelding and I finally have gotten the nerve to take the plunge in march and restarted back to riding. I was going to wait til I bought a horse but my instructor knew of this horse and well we clicked. So I put a deposit and pending the vet check this week she will come home july 5. She is a 7 year old reg qh name classys chocolate. She has mostly done trail and open shows but she has been started in western pleasure with western and hunter classes and most recent dressage. So she does ride both but not sure if I should take english classes too. She is very sweet, very much a people horse and I just love her.
Hey there! and welcome to DE. Glad to have you with us.

Isn't it great to get back into something you love... like horses? 7 is a good age for a beginners horse. Still lots of good years ahead for the two of you but old enough to be be sensible and possibly help you learn and get re-established with horses.

Glad to here you have an instructor to get you back in the swing of things too. I take it you intend to show from the sound of things? Showing can be a great learning experience and teach you many things. I spent about 30 years in the show ring myself. Now I just trail ride with friends and see some pretty amazing sights out in nature. Nothing like getting out in the great outdoors especially on the back of a good solid trail horse.

Good luck with your future endeavors and keep us abreast of your progress. And--of course--if you want to discuss any problems, we're always here to help [Smile] [Wink].
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Thanks so much. Here is a couple pics from the weekend. She is grand daughter of zips chocolate chip. I really don't know qh bloodlines except for a few but I heard he is a good one. She also has impressive but tested negative and it is on her papers. I really don't know how much showing I will do maybe next year. We will have to wait and see what clicks with both of us. Her name is classy and some in the barn call her penny.
[Image: 352m887.jpg]

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Hi Maddie,

Welcome to the Forum. Looking forward your photos and progress reports.

Classy sure looks good and I like her breeding too. Hookie's grandsire is Impressive. He is also negative. The Impressive bloodline does add a bit of class and Zips Chocolate Chip is a well known pleasure horse sire.

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Welcome to DE. [wave] Classy is a nice looking mare! I hope you two bond and become a great team. Keep us posted!
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Looks like a beautiful horse! Smile
Looks great! From what I can see she is very well put together, and from your description of her disposition, should make an excellent partner.
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