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Super Dry for Salamonie
We haven't had any real rain for about 3 weeks now with higher temps than usual this year. My yard is dryer than I've seen it in years and brown and crackly underfoot. Memorial Day weekend was a real scorcher with temps nearing 100. I had hoped to get in at least one ride over that weekend but wisely choose to stay home and find ways to stay out of the heat.

Problem is the DE Ride is coming up fast, and I hadn't found time to ride since. So I got out yesterday. The temps were still up there(upper 80s), but the forest was cooler than out in the sun. I even skipped coming back by way of what I call the prairie, which is a large open field, so I could stay in the shade. I thought I'd seen Salamonie dry before, but I saw mud only maybe three times. Two spots that always have mud were dry. And EZ; that included the spot where you lost an easy boot. Can you believe it?

I've been on a saddle log program with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry, and I earned my 500 hour chevron on this ride. There for awhile I thought I'd never reach it! The next one is for 1000 hours. Heck, I'll be in my retirement years before I reach that one. LOL
We got rain here today but it hasn't been that bad here. Doing a rain dance for you!
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