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All You DE Indiana Gals Missed It!
At least most of you did if I missed seeing you at the Ladies Ride this past weekend at Blackwell. And I'm not talking about just being there for the ride either.

But before I get to the shocking part, I gotta tell ya this ride was definitely unique starting with my trip down. I had a fairly uneventful trip until I was on the other side of Martinsville heading south for Bloomington. That's when I noticed a flatbed semi on the other side of the 4 lane heading north. Nothing unusual about that. I glanced at his load and wasn't sure what it was until one of a load of port-a-johns came off the back and started flipping end over end across the meridian toward me! It missed my rig, Praise the Lord!, and bounced off somewhere behind me. Where, I have no idea, and I wasn't about to stop to find out. But that thing looked huge coming at me across U.S. 37.

For the first time I can remember, the weather was hot! And not one drop of rain! Dry, dry, dry. Made for excellent trail conditions through Charles Deam Wilderness Area. I'm just thankful that it had rained down there about a day before the ride leaving a few pools of water in the creeks for the horses to drink.

And I broke down and bought me a Coleman cooler that's supposed to keep ice in 90 degree heat for 5 days. I figured if I got 3 days, I'd be doing good. 3 days later, I still had ice that had not melted! I've never had a cooler that keeps ice like this one. Well worth the buy.

But that's not what you gals missed. Are you ready for this? Because you won't believe it. Okay, no more suspense tactics. Here it is, and I hope you're sitting down. I just wish I would've had my camera handy. Those of you that have attended the Ladies Ride know that on Saturday evening we have a huge pitch-in dinner at the picnic shelter followed by a gift exchange and getting-to-know each other session. So there we were. About 60 to 70 women sitting in our camp chairs in a big circle when those sitting across the circle from me start whooping and hollering. More women joined in. I looking off toward the drive and what do I see but a guy--I kid you not--riding through camp buck naked. Well, not quite buck naked, but close enough. All he was wearing was his boots and a baseball cap with his chubby buns (and other things) jiggling all the way. I do believe he would've looked better dressed. Honest. I also think he knew we'd be there and did it entirely for our benefit. Regardless, this is one Ladies Ride that will go down in history... and I know of at least one woman, and maybe two, that snapped him on their cameras.

Sorry to have missed that one, woo too!
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Yes, that will be a ride to remember! It took me a while to register what I was seeing; all I noticed was a guy riding without a shirt on, and THEN I noticed he wasn't wearing anything else, either!

RH and I rode trail 545 not once, but twice! Hey, we may never see it that dry again! It was still a difficult trail, but since it was dry, it was not as dangerous as it often is when the going is muddy. We had a GREAT weekend!

The weather was beautiful(for a change)! The Ladies Ride is usual wet.

Sooo.... RH... just WHERE was the camera of yours and WHY don't we have pics of the "entertainment"?
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Originally posted by PaintGal

The weather was beautiful(for a change)! The Ladies Ride is usual wet.

Sooo.... RH... just WHERE was the camera of yours and WHY don't we have pics of the "entertainment"?

We finished the meal and were getting ready for the gift exchange when it dawned on me my camera was still back at the trailer. I had planned on taking pics of the activities... that is, the usual activities of the Ladies Ride. I mean come on! Who in a million years would think we'd have a horseback riding male streaker at the Ladies Ride [:O][Big Grin]?
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Haha! I may just have to go next year! Sounds like a good time!
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
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Reminds me of that video of the guy who did the full showjumping round in the buff, that was going around a couple of years ago. He did a great job, and not too much jiggled! I imagine the rest of the of the evening was full of laughter, Red Hawk...

I just may go to this ride next year!!
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Originally posted by Red Hawk
Here it is, and I hope you're sitting down. I just wish I would've had my camera handy.

Let me be the first to offer profuse thanks for the fact that you DIDN'T have a camera handy! [:O]
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