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Back to Salamomie... of course!
I bet many of you think I sound like a stuck record by now since about the only place I ride on a regular basis is Salamonie. Yep, I was out there again yesterday.

And EZ? You would've loved it. Temps in the 70's, blue skies, sunshine, and dry trails. Well, at least for Salamonie.

It's seems lately I've been running into more hikers than trail riders this year. I noticed that trend starting up last fall. Oh I don't mind the hikers. The ones I met were very nice and considerate of Terra and me. Three reasons I can think of as to why I'm seeing more hikers:

1) A new trail strictly for hikers was put in about 3 years ago that leads to the twin waterfalls. I think it might've taken this long for hikers to hear about it. The twin falls is also where I've been running into the most hikers too.

2) Though it might be a bit late now; this is the time of year for mushroom hunters. Salamonie is usually a prime location to find them, though I don't think the weather conditions were very good for them this year.

3)Bald eagles have been spotted along the Salamonie River where the forest lies. Where, I have no idea. I keep looking and have yet to see even one.

For once water wasn't being let out of the dam. So the river was down to normal levels, and I was able to ride into it for the first time this year. Glad I did too. For some reason, I rode Terra quietly into the water, and what did I see about five feet away in the shallows but a fish 14 to 16 inches long. I'm not much on fish and have no idea what kind it was. Actually, I thought it was dead until it began to swim lazily upstream and away from me. A redtailed hawk flew over while I was there too along with a blue heron.

I can't get over how someone bulldozed some of the hills. Why? Who knows [confused2? In some ways I wish they'd left them alone. I'm just thankful it was just leveling off the surface and not digging out the hills.

Anyway; like I said the weather was perfect, and the bugs weren't bad either. I just hope it stays like that, bug-wize, once summer gets here. Hope the rest of you are getting some good riding in too, and maybe, just maybe, I'll see you out on the trails sometime [Smile].
Sounds like a great day with a great horse!
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Good for you for getting out there! Gee, I've ridden so little this year! Warsong is not going to be in very good shape for the Ladies Ride!

Well, I'm glad you had a good ride!! I'm loving my Gypsy girl!! I've ridden her more times than a did Dusty last year all together!! We just really get along! She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Im really looking forward to the DE Trail Ride.
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