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Measuring fenders
Hi all.

Im going to buy a saddle for my 10 year old daugther.
Right now we are borrowing an oooold Billy Cook saddle. We have maid extra holes in the fenders to shorten them up.
I´ve been looking for a saddle to buy for her but im not sure about the size of the fenders/stirrups.
The big Q is how do i measure the size on the saddle we´ve got.
From where to where.
Try again....
How do i measure THE FENDERS on the saddle we have?
Could anyone in here recommend a saddle.
Some sizes could be in its rigth place here... =O)
She´s 135cm high (4,4ft)
Her innerleg length is 63,6cm (25inch)
And weighs about 30kg

Looking forward to any kind of answer. =O)

Hi Julie and welcome to Daily Equine. I'm not into metrics that much being from the U.S., but I gave riding lessons to young girls about your daughter's age. Fenders could be a problem in getting the stirrup short enough, that's for sure. I had two saddles I used for lessons; a 14 inch youth saddle and an older model 15 inch Simco. I'm on the short side too and have had problems with fenders in the past. So try this:

Where the fender goes from wide to narrow at the top of the fender? Sometimes you can pull the whole fender up anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, which makes the fender shorter. I've done this a lot over the years on my western saddles to have room to shorten the stirrups so I can reach them. I haven't had an adult sized western saddle yet that I haven't had to put extra holes in to get the stirrups up where they fit me.

I hope I understood your problem correctly and that this suggestion might be of help. Good luck.
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I am on the short side, and one of my saddles was made with short fenders. If you are ordering a new saddle, check to see if getting it with short fenders might be an option.


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