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Trail riding
When you are trail riding is it safe to have the fly mask on the horse or not?? Does it impair their vision to much for trail riding??
I would not use a regular fly mask. Some companies make one specifically for riding. Cashel makes a riding mask, and I have used it. It does not seem to impair the horse's vision at all. It IS rather delicate, though, and if your horse rubs against something while wearint it, it will tear.

I have ridden with the regular fly masks and Joe seems to have done fine in them. We also have used the riding mask and sometimes I think it touches his eye or at least the eyelid & lashes. It's got ears in it though and I think I'm going to cut them out & see if sets lower on his head. I can swat flies off his ears with the fly whisk or a squirt of OFF.
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Actually, a fly mask is very much like us wearing sunglasses. So I don't think trail riding with a regular fly mask would bother a horse much... except maybe if you're riding in deep shade. Then it might be a problem. I've held the Farnums up and looked through them. I could see through the mesh no problem at all, but a horse's eyes don't adjust as quickly to changes in light like ours do, which could interfere with riding a horse where you would be going in and out of woods and open fields. The dark shade of the woods and the bright sunlight in the fields might be too much of a switch with a fly mask. Unless the horse is given time to make the adjustment.
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So I guess in the best interest for the horse would be not to use a fly mask but swat, or spray off or something to get rid of the flies?

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