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Eventful first ride of the season
Sunday was such a beautiful day that we decided to ride on the trails around my house. It's the first time we've ventured out since late November. I was not worried since Dani was fine last year. Of course, last year we rode at the state park the first ride.

Anyway, the horses were doing fine, although very alert and engergetic. At this point I must mention that Dani LOVES water. So down in the woods there is standing water on the trail. Most horse who like to lay down in water will paw the water first--not Dani. One moment we were walking down the trail and the next she was laying in the water. I yelled and kicked her and she leaped up, then she started to buck. I stayed on for two bucks and came off the third. But I landed--believe it or not--on my feet in about 3 inches of water over about 3 inches of mud. [:O] Then I plopped down on my butt!![Big Grin] Then I had to catch my horse and remount. We had to ride through another pool of water on the way to the barn but I was prepared and she didn't even think of laying down.

My friend's horse started to act up when Dani started bucking so she missed my amazing dismount. Her daughter, however, saw the whole thing and said it was a dismount of epic proportions. [8D]

Needless to say my saddle needs a good cleaning. I wiped off the mud as soon as I got back to the barn. Hopefully future rides will be a little less eventful.
Oh, my, that was quite a first ride for the year! My own first ride of the year was Sunday, also, and Warsong was quite skittish. She was bucking and kicking out on the lungeline, so I worked her for about 15 minutes before I even dared to get on. It must be this unseasonably warm weather!!

Hey, classy dismount!! That sounds like something for Americas funniest videos! Glad you weren't hurt.

Wow, glad you weren't hurt! Gotta love those "outta the blue dismounts!" ......NOT!

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Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
LOL! I'm glad you only got wet & not hurt! Too bad there wasn't a video. Will ya work on that for the next time? [Wink]
Karen ~ Trails  
Joe Paint Gelding
Paoli, IN

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Originally posted by PaintGal

LOL! I'm glad you only got wet & not hurt! Too bad there wasn't a video. Will ya work on that for the next time? [Wink]

Absolutely. I asked the girl with me why she did not get it on video. She had some lame excuse about just sitting there with her mouth open, staring in dibelief. [Big Grin]
Love it Dani! Actually laughing out loud, which i would not admit had you gotten hurt. Well stuck!
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~

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