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Older Circle Y - help with any info about it
I recently got an older Circle Y saddle. It has the following on the plate: 2976028405 Equitation. Can anyone tell me more about it. It looks like the numbers make it to be older than the information I found in the forums.

This is my best guess.

2976 0284 05
(2) Mid level saddle
(976) style number
(0284) made in Feb 1984
(05) 5th saddle in the series
May have 16” seat

Hope this helps.
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Hi can you help me! I have been scouring the internet for days, looking for a circle y serial # codes. I have found many, but of course none of them fit the serial #'s of the saddle's I am interested in:
1. Park and Trail 1554-0015-1918-401 ( I know 1554 is style OMAHA- I know 18 must be color black because it is black)
2. Equitation 2141-16-12860 3,12 (I have no idea)


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