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ground work ideas?
Look, I know I don't know everything, I have lots to learn. A lot. I know that. I am not perfect, no one is perfect.
But one fact, is that you don't NEED special training to be a good horseman. I am a good horseman - I am better than y mother and she is one heck of a horseman. But That doesn't mean I am a know-it-all or magic person who can do anything. I just wanted to put in my opinions and some people don't want to hear them. That is OK because everyone has their own way of doing things - some work and some don't. I know a lot of what doesn't work and of what does work.
If you don't care about me - don't say anything.
Everyone has their own ways I do respect that. I just also want others to know my way and maybe try it out - if the don't understand then I will explain further to the best of my ability.
To be able to ride, you must know how to fall.

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