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HAA rides again
Originally posted by BethAnn

Appearently his handling is not going well as Glen called and won't let him go till at least 2 months after castrating as he is being aggressive, so I politely declined for now. Back to looking!

Good luck on finding the perfect horse for you.
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Oh good! I really hated to see you another green horse. You DO NOT NEED to get dumped again.

I hope that the soon to be gelding gets over what his problem is and can find a good home but NOT WITH YOU!! [Wink]
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

just stunning! shame he's got attitude issues. No one needs a horse with potential to dangerous. good luck with finding right partner.
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I have to agree with PG; kind of a relief to know you are going to pass on him. I know you can't really go by a picture, but my feeling when I saw it was that this was an unstable and dangerous horse. For sure, you can find something with a more quiet disposition that would be a better trail prospect. Your two fillies send out "sensible" vibes to me; why not save your training money and spend it on them? Of course, I realize that doesn't give you something to ride NOW, LOL!


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