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GTA..2012 renewel
12 days and still sore to sit, wakes me up at night. I'm giving it another week then think about xray/chiro...just cause I want to know if I really cracked it. Strange, no bruise

Plash, good point about the ligaments and muscles. Sure can feel them stretch with any movement. I should work on stretching them myself. Hope your caboose is doing better!
Mine's doing better, been about four weeks and the only things that are still really uncomfortable are driving a car and... sadly... riding a horse. Actually mostly just the trot is bad, a walk isn't too bad. And I never saw any bruise either, so I don't' think that's unusual.

Hey Plash
Did you get an xray? Wasn't sure if you actually had a fracture or if yours was soft tissue injury (which won't show). Hurts equally I'm sure.

I think this is a week of from riding for me, at least from the fjord. Should rename the thread "booty update"[Big Grin]
Hey there FB ... I never did actually get an x-ray. The doctor's office told me that unless it was a really obvious break, it might not show on an x-ray due to the amount of other bone and other tissue in the area -- a hairline fracture might just not show up without something like an MRI. And since the treatment is pretty much the same either way... "take painkillers and rest the area" ... it didn't seem worth it. Mine's almost all better now, at 6 weeks, so I'm pretty sure it was just a bruise. If yours is still hurting, it might be fractured a little, or just bruised worse than mine.

Hey Plash, thanks for the update.

Hitting 4 weeks today and will try to ride. Still sore, wakes me up on turning at night. Never saw the doctor, but had a curbside consult with the bone doc at work. He said even if fractured, they wouldn't do anything so neither did I!

You're giving me hope...2 weeks more and maybe all better!
Yeah, there's not much they can do anyway... not like you can put a cast on that! I hope you're better in a couple of weeks! Meanwhile you can work on posting and riding in two-point position, how fun! [Big Grin]


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