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Trail Riding in 2012
Whqt are everyone's plans for trail riding this year? RH and I hope to attend the annual Ladies Ride at Blackwell in May, and the ITRA ride in September; nothing planned in between yet.

Spring seems too darned far away!!

No plans here other than try to ride when & where I can. I don't think I'll make the Lady's Ride but the ITRA ride is a possiblity.

I really want to get to Hickory Ridge and at least do a day ride there. I just love those trails!
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My plans are to ride more than I did last year. I'd like to ride at some places I've never been, but gas prices will have a bearing on that.
My plans are to definately ride alot more and do some camping!! I would like for there to be a DE Ride again!!
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All you ITRA members: I made my reservations for the September ITRA Fall Ride and talked with Kim at MTR yesterday. She said there have been quite a number of reservations already being made for this ride. Hard to believe it's filling up this early. So if you plan to go, I'd be reserving your sites now. EZ & I will be on sites 9 & 10.

I hope the weather will be nice for the Ladies Ride in May at Blackwell. I just love riding in the Charles Deam Wilderness Area. And I hope to camp once or twice at Salamonie and maybe once at Brown County. It still ticks me off that I screwed that up last year.

That's about the limit of my plans for now, but if you folks decide to have a DE Ride, please let me know before April 1st. That's the deadline to get my vacation requests in for the year.

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I would love to attend another group ride like we did 2 years ago, but maybe on a smoother trail. I called that experience "The Trail Ride From Hell" lol very scary stuff! But usually when we ride with a group its always with friends. I'd love to find a few rides where I can meet new people in my area and maybe start up/join a riding club.
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I am just praying to have a ridable horse to ride whenever I can!
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Hi all,
We are looking at Brown County the first week of May, and the third weekend of May. CMO Near Milton IN, Memorial weekend. Hosting a CMO at York Hills June 23/24. CMOs in Lake County July 21/22, Potato Creek August 11/12, Tippi River and Salamonie in Sept, and a the grand finale of Shawnee the 2nd and 3rd week of Oct.

Everyone is invited to attend any of the CMO rides. A good time is usually had by all and our carry-ins are legendary!
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Well, my riding schedule is filling up too! Shawnee on Memorial Day Weekend, DE Ride June 22-24, AQHA Ride Sept. 7-9th and any in between!! Alot of day rides!
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"And anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."
Act 2:21 NLT


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