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Nicholas has a Pony
Grandbaby Nicholas got a pony for Christmas. And Sebastion has a new friend.

He is okay with giving up the old horse.

[Image: IMG_9280.jpg]

Meet Miss Moonbeam.

[Image: IMG_9751copy.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9749copy.jpg]
awww! She's a cutie. What does Nicholas think of her? Have they run a barrel pattern yet? LOL!
Karen ~ Trails  
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Paoli, IN

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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

hunter-jumper or reininer?[Big Grin]
Looks like a dream pony!
BethAnn Stewart

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Awww! Adorable!! Love the red ribbon and braid.

Your grandson is adorable....great outfit...ride 'em cowboy!
What a cute little guy! I'm sure he will have great fun with this pony!

OMG! How cute is THAT!!?? What a precious little cowboy! I love his cowboy hat and new Christmas pony! He can learn the basics on Miss Moonbeam and then "Cruise" on up the ladder! Wishing you and yours the very best of New Years! I get my first grandchild in a couple of weeks and cannot wait! This new year will be a great one! We have a LOT to look forward to!
Be sure to post a picture, Beccajane!

He .....and...She are both so cute!

Pony Power!!
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