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Could be my last ride for the year... Maybe
And it was a nice one. We had a bunch of rain dumped on us last Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So I wasn't sure just how the trails would be. Some standing water and Terra slid a bit going down some of the hills, but it was warm for this time of year with blue skies.

The twin fall's roar met my ears long before I could see it. Lots of water churning down the rocky gorge and filling up the creek below. How unlike the big falls near the dam, though there was a 3' wide swath of water going over it.

How different from in the summer when everything is grown up and filled with leaves. Kinda neat to be able to see farther up and down the ravines and hills though. Hard to believe winter is only 3 1/2 weeks away.

Glad you had a good ride! I think I probably won't get in anymore riding this year. Already thinking about next year, though!

I plan to ride alot more next year!
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Glad you had a good ride.

Unusually warm here too, for the end of November.
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I'm gonna ride as soon as the dr.'s clear me to! Got a horse I can borrow and am ready to go! Glad you had a great fall ride!
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Have you folks in Indiana had snow yet??
Originally posted by fracturedbones

Have you folks in Indiana had snow yet??

Funny you should ask. We got hit with about 4" of heavy, wet snow late Tuesday. Power went out at 7:00 pm and didn't come back on until 24 hours later here at home. I heard 175 homes were without power during that time, and that didn't include other towns in the area. Lots of power lines down and blown transformers all over the place. It sure was nice to come home to a warm house last night after work and staying with my mother-in-law through the day who had power in Huntington.

We also lucked out with water. All that snow was rain before turning over to snow. Lots of ground water for the horses and the barn cats. That might sound yucky to some of you, but they drink it all the time if they're outside. So I figured it didn't make much difference just so they had something to drink.

As always, there were lots of cars off the road during the storm. It was just a heavy, very wet snow. We didn't get this much but I heard some place got up to 8".

As for anymore trail riding? Who knows? If this stuff all melts off and we get unseasonably warm weather, I might go again... but not this weekend. I'm working... both days [Sad]! Good money but it hard not getting a day off for almost two weeks.

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