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Another Ride at Strawtown
The weather was pretty decent today, so Trish and I took Warsong and Butterbrickle to Strawtown for a ride. I think just about every other trail rider in the area had the same idea; I was just barely able to squeeze my trailer into the parking area!

I rode Warsong, and Trish rode Butterbrickle. The park being so very busy, it was quite an education for Butterbrickle! Joggers, dogs, baby strollers, bicycles, bridges, and a long line of motorcycles on the road; she was exposed to it all. And with it being quite a windy day, too. Although she was a bit skittish, there were no real problems.

I'm hoping to be able to get in a few more rides there before winter sets in!

It was a gorgeous day here too but I didn't ride. I'm sure glad you got to. It sounds like Butterbrickle was able to see a lot today and handled it well!
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I've had so much going on on weekends that I haven't been able to get out for at least the last two. Overtime last week took the wind out of my sails too. I thought about getting out yesterday but decided against it. I wasn't sure but thought shotgun deer season started this weekend, but I might've been wrong. Also, I couldn't chance Dove getting too excited and possibly worsening his injury if I took Terra away from him now that it's starting to really heal up.

So Sal and I took a hike in Salamonie's rocky gorge area. We had a surprise when we started back up the trail for where I'd left the truck parked. A huge white tailed buck cleared a ridge at the top of the gorge standing among the trees not more than 30 or 40 feet from me and just stood there staring at me. A small to average rack of antlers adorned his head. So I'm not sure how old he was but kept thinking it won't be long before he'll end up on someone's dinner plate. I said, "Well hello there." We stared at each other for a handful of seconds, and he bounded back below the ridge. The funny part was I don't think he and Sal ever saw each other.

Glad you had a great day EZ, and I too hope I can get in another ride or two before the weather turns [Wink].

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We heard gunshots while in the park, and it did make the horses antsy...although they were already on edge from the wind!

Sounds like you and Sal had a good hike. Hey, that is one of the nice things about a larger dog...LOL, if I took mine hiking, I'd end up having to carry them both!

Yup, the deer had better watch out!!!



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