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Gorgeous Fall Colors
The foliage is in full bloom in northern IN. I don't think I've ever seen it more colorful. And last Sunday, everyone was out enjoying it. I've run into more and more hikers this year at Salamonie than I've ever seen there before. And that's perfectly okay. The day rider's area was next to full too. Of course the temps being near 80 degrees didn't hurt. Great camping weather for those who did.

It felt great to get out for a few hours, and yes, I took my flute along and played it at the tops of the falls. I just love the echo effect, and evidently others did too. I played at the top of the twin falls, then crossed the rocky gorge and met some hikers. They noticed my flute bag slung across my back and asked if that was me playing the flute and how much they enjoyed the music. All I can say is I must be getting better the more I play [:I]. At least I know I'm not offending anyone, which it good, because I intend to do it every chance I get. My flute sounds better there than anywhere else I've played it.

I think Terra enjoyed getting out too. She seemed to be very amiable. It sure was a great day.

Thats cool!
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