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Young horse, unusual shape, and going through...
a GROWTH SPURT! Ride babreback you say?! My thoughts exactly!
I have tried 10 saddles on her, and the closest I came to soemthing fitting was a Tucker High Planes Extra wide(it KILLED my pelvic bones and GIRL PARTS! It sat me forward no matter how I tried to sit back!) BUT it did fit her quite well, looked very level and touched her nice and evenly...
Also have an OLD crates that fits mostly but is too long and I need a rounded skirt.
I dont want anything crazy..but at this point I am thinking of an Endurance type saddle. Someone mentioned the Tucker Endurance Trail saddle , The Gen ll version might be a very good fit for her and I as the seat is different and for her the bars are wider and flatter in the middle.
"Egan" is a Gypsy Vanner that just truned 3 and had a baby 2 1/2 months ago....looong story, yes she was bred too young!(Baby and mom are doing wonderful)
She is now back in light training and is the kindest, smartest, hardest working horse I have ever ridden. I want so bad to have a saddle that at least semi fits her.
I have contacted the Saddle shop about 400 times and they are tired of me I think.. But I had to just send back my Billy Cook Trail saddle(WIDE) because it rocked way forward on her causing the back of the saddle to always be in the air.
The crates I have is closer...buit long and square.
She is for sure rear high right npw more than ever, and putting a wedge pad on her withers does help...

I am lost. I also used the cut out templates from Chuck and she measures a wide to the "T". not an extra wode. She does have high shoulders, but not as wide as a true draft. She is short backed but not crazy short. She is VERY flat backed and wide backed. it doesnt seem like it should be this hard...and the more I know the more I know, the more I realize I dont know; and now I am just bummed out about it all. AND its getting crazy expensive! It cost me $100.00 rto send my saddle back and now I have to pay to ship another one.;(
And so I PRAY I get it right, because otherwise more shipping costs...
I have done tracings and all other meausurements...and I cant find a real saddle fitter in my area.

I would LOVE any suggestions. I do trail riding, LOTS of trails and all types of crazy terrain. We dont just walk along slowly, we do all sorts of stuff. Think more along the lines of extreme cowboy race kinda sruff...we also do lots of arean work as she is very green.
I have pictures, but cant figure how to post them..
[Image: 1-2.jpg]
[Image: 2-2.jpg]
[Image: 3-1.jpg]
[Image: 4-1.jpg]
[Image: 5-2.jpg]
[Image: 6-1.jpg]
[Image: 7-2.jpg]
[Image: 8-3.jpg]
Gypsy Vanners are a draft horse breed, aren't they? Have you looked into a saddle made specifically for draft horses? They do have backs that are shaped totally differently from that of most of the saddle horse breeds. I can't remember who makes them, but I do know several saddle makers offer saddles for the bigger breeds.

I seem to have the same problem.... been through so many saddles and just can't find one the fits my horse!! Even though my mare is a QH her back is similiar to yours ....she is very wide through the back yet has a decent wither and big shoulder. I thought I found a saddle that fit her a little better so bought it...but now finding the same thing....throws me forward on her and I don't like my position in it. So what is it exactly that makes you think the saddles aren't fitting? For me she has dry spots in the front...not a good even sweat pattern. She's gained a bunch of weight this summer which has made things even worse.
I had a similar problem with getting a saddle that truly fit Hookie. He is a pretty big fellow (tapes at almost 1400 pounds) with wide shoulders, flat back and normal withers.

A saddle that fit well in the withers / shoulders was not flat enough. My solution was a saddle (Round backed Dakota barrel saddle) from the Saddle Shop) with a FQHB tree. I then used a 1" thick heavy felt pad that fills up the space at the front of the saddle at the withers without affecting the flatness fit on his back.

This works very well for me with a very good fit on Hookie and probably will address the rocking forward that you experienced with the Billy Cook.

Good luck on your search.
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