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Handy Little Cart!
While grocery shopping at Aldi a few months ago, I found a little garden cart, called an "Easy-Go Cart." Looked handy for camping, so I bought it! If you should see these for sale, grab one!! It weighs next to nothing, doesn't take up much room in the truck or trailer, and actually holds quite a bit of manure. I took it to MTR with me, and loved the way I could easily take it into the stall and clean the stall with my horse still in it.

There something else I found to be handy, but I have no idea of where you'd find one. It is a manure fork with a basket, just like the standard ones you find in any tack shop, BUT, this one has a telescoping handle. Extended, it is normal manure fork length. The handle goes down to half-length for traveling, and I found that leaving it that way, enables me to pick out stalls without hitting the horse or the walls with the handle-end of the fork. I got mine at the Hoosier Horse Fair in April; there is no manufacturer's mark on it.

Just went to Aldi, and they didn't have the carts. Saw them at Walmart, but at $6 more than what I paid at Aldi!


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