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The proven and most effective Equine Supplement
I have been researching equine supplement and I found one that seems to be the most complete and least cost of all. Here is what they say:

[url=""]Total* Equine Supplement [/url] – the most complete and cost effective supplement and the one that I give to my horse. Compare labels. It is the most complete combination of vitamins, minerals and digestive aids available at any price. This supplement helps your horse fight illness, disease and diet deficiencies. The contents of this product are:

[Image: e9d7f73be4b5d2144da73cff7f24f0c0676dfa9a...c54c2g.jpg]

All this plus a healthy dose of probiotics.

Some of the BENEFITS of Total*Equine Supplement are:

> Stopped scours even on horses that had not responded to any other medications.
> Noticeable flea & tick reduction.
> Horses may be more satisfied and have decreased appetites.
> Weight gain due to better feed conversion.
> Reduction in fecal odor.
> Elimination of any internal parasites.
> Healthier appearance, radiant coat and countenance. .
> Helps to reduce fly population.

And more benefits.....

[url=""]At a cost of about 40 cents per day, your horses will have their total vitamin and mineral needs met - and without any other type of supplement liquid, or granular![/url]

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