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Cantle Heights
When I read the lead in to this topic, I realized the question I should have been asking all along instead of QH bars, gullets, etc. My mare is a Morab, and she has high withers, and a short back. She is very sensitive about her withers so the saddle I used at the place I boarded her for 2 years had a high cantle. The BO knew exactly which one would work. However, since I'm on disability she would never let me BUY anything so now that I've moved Sienna I'm scrambling to just get the basics. And I had no idea how to go about finding a saddle that would fit her. How is cantle height actually measured, from where to where? Thanks, Cheryl
I'm unaware of cantle height having anything to do with how a saddle fits the horse, so if it DOES make a difference (to anyone except the rider), I will be interested in hearing about it!

EZ - I think she means gullet height.

Cheryl, if you download the templates from the Saddle Shop site, you can fit them onto your horses back to figure out what kind of width and height and angle you need.

The cantle of a saddle is the very back part that holds your butt into the saddle.
I like 'em nice and high to keep my rather fluffy butt in the saddle! LOL !!
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I like them nice and high, too, except that it sure does make them hard to get in and out of!!


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