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New member wanting to say hello :)
Hi there Smile

I found this forum while searching for information on saddles and the excellent saddle templates.

My name is Chris, I'm 31, Live in Northern Ireland and have been riding for 3 1/2 years now. (Started later in life)

I have recently purchased my first horse who is a gorgeous black Quarter Horse called Billy.

[Image: 172657_10150115463477770_528447769_61743...1363_o.jpg]

Here is me after unloading him off the trailer. To say I was happy is an understatement Smile:

[Image: 172625_10150114720587770_528447769_61661...7011_o.jpg]

There are some fantastic trails near the stable yard including Tollymore Forest Park where the "Game Of Thrones" series was filmed Smile

I'll be back again with another post about saddle fitting (The one in the picture is far to small for him), but I wanted to say a quick hello.

So, Hello Smile

Welcome to the DE, Chris, and contratulations on getting your first horse!

Thank you, I'm happy to have found a forum with such knowledgeable people.

I promise not to bug you all with too many questions Smile
Please bug us!! We like questions and the varity of answers will give you plenty to think about.
Pretty horse!
BethAnn Stewart

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Welcome to DE, Chris!

Your big grin says it all. [Wink]

Please ask all the questions you have and share all the pics you want to. We love pics here!
Karen ~ Trails  
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Thank you both, He's a welcome addition to the family that already has 2 dogs and a cat. Smile

I'll be heading down to the stable yard tomorrow with a bunch of templates in my hands.

I really want to get a saddle that fits him as he already has white patches on either side of the withers.
Originally posted by Rekrab

Thank you, I'm happy to have found a forum with such knowledgeable people.

I promise not to bug you all with too many questions Smile

Welcome, and the only way we learn is by asking questions!! Helps us all. [^]

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Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
Glad to have you aboard Chris. Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about your adventures in Ireland.
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Thank you all Smile

I had a great ride out today and the wife took some great photo's and video's which I'll post tomorrow.

For now, I'm off for a sleep Smile
Welcome! Congrats on your boy, he's very pretty. Black horses are always stunning. [Smile] and don't worry about bugging anyone. We love to give helpful advice...not as much as we all love pics though. We're picture fiends! haha but you'll learn that soon enough. [Wink]
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