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Gaited saddles
I got a gaited-horse tack catalog in the mail the other day. It was unsolicited, but there it was, a tack catalog sitting on the kitchen counter so of course I flipped through it and looked at the pictures. It got me wondering, how does a gaited saddle fit on a normal horse? IIRC, gaited saddles flare out more at the shoulder, but would they work on a non-gaited horse that needed more shoulder room?

And for that matter, what is the basic "shape" difference in Arabian saddles? Are they narrower, or just shorter, or what?

Just curious.

Good questions.Anxious to see the replys!
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Since the Tucker saddles, as I understand it, were developed mainly for gaited horses, what you already have is basically a gaited saddle! Same thing could be said for the Steele that I ride in. I'm not quite sure what makes a gaited saddle different. They usually seem to fit horses will shorter backs and higher withers, and do allow a lot of shoulder freedom, which, as you noted, would seem to be a good thing for most horses.

I did not know Tucker saddles were developed for gaited horses, well I may have known and have forgotten that. I have a Tucker saddle for Joe, short back wide angle.
I was under the impression most gaited horses are pretty narrow.

The Tuckers come in both regular and wide trees. Gaited horses come in all widths, from what I've seen! Some of the MFT's I know of, are nearly as broad as any foundation QH; others nearly disappear when you look at them head-on! Same goes for the TWH's.


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