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Saddle Shopping!!!
It has been almost a year since I started down the eventing adventure and after 2 schooling shows and a jump clinic with Peter Atkins (where I jumped my first cross country jumps) I am completely ADDICTED [Big Grin]

I have discovered that my current saddle, a close contact saddle, is making poor Droste's withers sore. After much consideration and talking with my trainer I have decided I need to get the right tools for the trade and am now shopping for a dressage saddle. I will also be looking for a jump saddle. I love buying new tack!

So now I am trying saddles - there are so many different brands and models. The wonderful people at the barn are so gracious and I have a wide variety to take for a test ride. Riding has been kind of a fashion show for Droste this week as he gets to wear a different saddle every night [8D] He sported a Wintec tonight and looked just fabulous LOL

If you happen to know of anyone selling a used dressage saddle, 16.5 to 17" seat, medium width, I am in the market. Any suggestions or experience with Dressage saddles is welcome - I am still in the research phase and have not settled on a particular maker. I have tried a Passier and Wintec and will be trying a Keifer. I would like to get my hands on a County for comparasion, as a friend recommended them.
My hunter/jumper saddle is still for sale in the DE classifieds... with pics too [Smile].
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