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Can you spell UGLY?
I do have to agree with you EZ and I guess he could turn out to be a swan but I wouldn't count on it! Gotone did horrible at shows but she does great as an endurance horse.You can't ride looks and what they have between their ears does alot to create a good ride and if they have non riding conformation then they make good pasture pets. I personally won't keep anything young and unridable as I got them to ride and can't afford to keep them to sit and watch them eat all day, now if they give me many good years and and age has made problems then they have earned the right to be a pasture pet.In this economy I would still pick a prettier horse for my money than this one as they are a dime a dozen right now and people still are breeding fugly horses and this is what creates the free horse market and supplies the slaughter houses. I got River a sweet gelding at 2 and gaited to boot for 250 so what makes poeple think they have something so good as to call it a stallion prospect? Uneducation and the thinking that they have beautiful horses even when the are 100-200 lbs underweight, untrained,not gelded, and poor conformation.Enough said , sorry for ranting but my neighbors are like this, all I can see is ribs,spines, and hips and they are riding and breeding these horses.They also only have mixes and are drug dealers.This also seems to go hand in hand.Sorry to have gone on and on........
BethAnn Stewart

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There is a lot more that makes a good horse than good conformation that's for sure. Brains and personality and just as important IMO. Look at Joe! He's not going to win any halter classes that's for sure but he's managed to carry my butt around for several years now with only 1 wreck.

This little horse in the ad might make someone the PERFECT horse and I sure hope he does but for them to suggest that he should be considered as a stallion prospect is way out of line!
Karen ~ Trails  
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Paoli, IN

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I have to agree with PG on this one, but this whole discussion made me think of one of the greatest ApHC sires of all time, Roman Strawman. He sired somewhere around 20 gold medalion winners, not to mention the silver and bronze winners in the 70's & 80's. Not to mention also his own impressive show record.

Roman Strawman was foaled in Cassopolis MI, and I personally know the people who bred him, Dave & Bobbi Best (They owned W.T.'s sire, Star Diver's Best.). Dave said Strawman had the crookedest legs he'd ever seen and sold him shortly after he was weaned for practically nothing. Probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Before his breeding career ended, Roman Strawman's stud fee was--are you ready for this?--$10,000! Not bad for a horse that wasn't supposed to amount to much when he was foaled.

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These days, at least in my state, 1 grand should be able to purchase a finished, bombproof trail horse. That price on that horse makes me think it is either an example of serious wishful thinking, or someone trying to con someone. No, this conformation doesn't look too good, and conformation is important in gaited horses, because gaiting puts a lot of stress on a horse's joints. And it is even worse stress when misguided trainers add different weights and weird shoeing practices. I did see a kind of weird looking horse like this fill out into a pretty good looking trail horse and good gaiter, so $400 dollars might be worth it. The problem is, if they put that kind of price on their "baby" I wouldn't want to be the one to tell them "the emperor has no clothes", you know what I mean?
Xenya from SE TX
Well maybe he is just a gangly yung'un....I found his baby daddy:

Yup, his daddy's a much prettier horse, though that's never been my favorite coloring. But why is he on the same page as some chicken-shaped light-switch covers??!?!!??

HOLY-UGLY-HORSE-BATMAN! 0.0 That poor thing...what he needs most is to stand reeeeal close to a feed bucket! If he had some more lbs on him, then I don't think it would be so bad, but he DEFINITELY needs to be gelded. Even if he does have a winning personality, I don't see anything there to qualify as a positive atribute. The poor little guy's color is even...Uh, I hate tearing the horse down but, yeesh! O.o I hope he's nice though and I hope he matures into a decent trail horse. Who knows! He may be a butterfly under there, just waiting to emerge.
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