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Updating My Ride...lots of pics
Hello to all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted – a few months, at least, and I wanted to provide a brief update on Sadie’s transition as well as introduce my new horse and tell his story.

Sadie was hauled Mother’s Day weekend from my daughter’s near Oklahoma City to her new owners’ Nebraska ranch where she has joined their broodmare herd. They love her pedigree, think she is put together well, and if she throws nice minded, athletic and cowy foals – that’s where she’ll be for many years. Not the way I wanted things to go when I got her, but when all things were considered its the best possible outcome for her.

My new ride, Mikey (Poco Double Pine), 14 yo, 14.0 hh, bay foundation quarter horse was purchased 2 ½ years ago to hopefully save, rehab and resale. Mikey is gentle, patient, and broke, and very well-trained. I rode him the first time two summers ago for a few laps of the arena. As soon as I picked up the reins, I could feel a change in his body’s demeanor. He was immediately attentive, waiting for a cue, and remained that “tuned in” until I got off. There’s an amazingly different feel to a trained horse that really wants to please. And, saying this probably means something slightly different to everyone, but "anyone can ride this horse".

(A friend's six year old, a non-rider, and Mikey last summer.)

[Image: 100_6630.jpg]

At his previous home, Mikey had been the lowest ranked out of seven horses for a five year period and he ate last when or if any hay was provided. None of the horses were in good shape, but he was pretty bad. The winter day my daughter and son-in-law brought him home, Mikey was pretty much a 0 on the fitness scale with a prominent skeletal structure showing through his winter coat. They didn’t expect him to live, and thought he was so far depleted that eating grass hay might kill him. At the time, the vet estimated his heart to be 1/3 normal size due to the length of his starvation diet.

(Day four. He'd gained considerable water weight by then.)

[Image: mikey6_Jan14_2008.jpg]

[Image: mikey7_Jan14_2008.jpg]

Mikey was started on several handfuls of grass hay, several times daily (when healthier, free choice bermuda and an occasional flake of alfalfa) and Dynamite nutritional products. During his first year at my daughter’s place, Mikey consumed approximately fifty pounds of the free choice loose mineral supplement, 2 to 1 (calcium to phosphorous), in addition to however much of the three other free choice loose supplements he wanted. He was also put on the multi-vitamin, joint supplement, probiotics, and 60 days of clay. He was loaded/bloated with parasites, but a wormer would have caused too much harm in the beginning.

At first, he was housed in the barn and blanketed as he was too emaciated to regulate body temperature. After gaining enough weight to withstand mild winter days, he was placed in a pen (along with the number sixth horse in the pecking order, a mare, from his former home) to eat for a few months during the day and up at night (weather permitting). After three months, the mare went to Oregon “in trade” for Sadie and Mikey graduated to lawn duty to provide him with more exercise, and then, most of the time in with the young colts. Mikey was the high ranked horse for a change, but he wasn’t mean as he played and rough housed with them.

(In his feeding pen.)

[Image: mikey3.jpg]

(Mikey on lawn duty last summer and on his way to check out what's happening at the barn.)

[Image: 100_6533.jpg]

[Image: 100_6537.jpg]

He has gained a lot of muscle definition during the last year, his heart has increased in size, and he should be sound come next spring so that he is ready for the kind of riding I will do – some trail classes and maybe pleasure. This year his steadily improving health is also showing in the dapples that have appeared on his coat.

(One week ago.)

[Image: 100_7409.jpg]

[Image: 100_7413.jpg]

[Image: Photo0152.jpg]

Mikey had other issues to correct: a shoulder out of place that needed routine chiropractic care until the muscle tone returned to hold it in place, then a bout with thrush. And, most recently during his play with the now two and three year olds he tore a shoulder muscle and strained or tore the inferior check ligament in the front left. It wasn’t until the shoulder muscle healed completely, and he kept coming up lame for a few days every two to three weeks that prompted a trip to the vet for x-rays. We weren’t sure if the problem was in his foot as a separated hoof wall or something in the leg…when the ligament damage was discovered. The treatment for a strain or tear of the ligament is the same: reduced activity as it heals over 6 to 12 months and then Mikey will be fine. We’re happy he feels like playing as a 14 year old, but he doesn’t know when to restrain himself! lol

I had planned to take him back to my home in Illinois this summer, but he is better off with my daughter’s vet that we know to be good with legs than to chance hauling him before he fully recovers. I get a chance to completely finish the pasture fence and do more repairs in the barn over the next year! In the meantime, I consider myself very fortunate to have Mikey as my new ride. Thanks for letting me share!

(Upset I stopped brushing to take photos.)

[Image: Photo0154.jpg]

I sure hope Sadie has found her calling!

Mikey sure looks good now! Great job with his rehabilitation and I hope his injury heals quickly. He looks like a calm easy going guy that will take care of you.
Karen ~ Trails  
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Glad you found a suitable home for Sadie.

What a wonderful transition for Mikey. I had tears in my eyes when I read this one. Mikey is lucky to have you and will return the attention and love in buckets.

Good work.[^][^][^][^][^]
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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Thanks for your kind words, but it wasn't me that worked the miracles on Mikey. I am the one that is celebrating joyfully that I am reaping the benefits of calling him mine! However, it really started with my son-in-law, Bud. (The man - that is all about selling off some colts to reduce the hay bill.)

My daughter had explained to the woman (who five years before was awarded the seven horses in a divorce and had been starving them ever since) that the gray mare was no longer worth the couple of thousand she wanted with the market in a slump and the time and expense to rehab...and would only offer a few hundred. My daughter didn't offer for Mikey 1) she didn't think he could be saved, 2) know if he could be made sound, 3) and they already had young, healthy, well bred geldings that weren't selling, (4) she didn't think Bud would agree to bringing both of them home.

Ta Daa! In steps the super hero! Bud told my daughter if they were going after the trailer to bring the mare home, they were bringing Mikey home too. Then, my daughter took over and worked her magic on him from the inside out. It took two years and other than a little reduced heart capacity that keeps him from being a speed horse, plus the added time for healing the ligament - he's in amazing good health.

The icing on the cake is Mikey's temperment & personality. Also, thanks to the person that provided his training way back when. [Big Grin]

Why my good fortune? I've been told I'm not allow to ride any more unfinished horses - ever! (Who made my daughter Queen?!) lol

South West Illinois

When someone shows you who they are,...believe them. ~Maya Angelou
What she doesn't mention is how she CRIED when she found out I'd loaded him up to go to his new perspective home last October. To make matters worse he did NOT want to load in the trailer to leave, which isn't like him whatsoever. He likes to get along and is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. And though I was heavy hearted about sending him down the road, in the horse business you can't keep them all, and ppl were crawling out of the woodwork to inquire about him within hours of listing him for sale and you sell the ones ppl are hot to trot after. So really I felt it was a blessing in disquise when he pulled up lame on a trail ride, and I went and brought him home to haul to the vet.

So I told the hubby the only way we were going to get my mom off the Sadie wagon was to mount her on something completely safe and gentle and extremely well broke. And suprisingly enough he didn't even grouse about the $5K we were loosing out on by not selling him. He was totally fine with it if it brought me peace of mind knowing my mom wasn't going to wind up in another ER due to a green horse accident. Truly I think he thought I suffered enough last year between my very dear friend (whom we got Sadie from) dying in a freak horse accident, loping her reining futurity filly, and then my mom getting hurt shortly thereafter... I was a tad frazzled to say the least.

So it's a win win all around. Mom got Mikey and Mikey stays in the family!!!
This thread almost made me cry <sniff>. From some angles Mikey looks like a total ringer for Safari Seven. Can't help thinking he must be a GREAT horse. What a babe.
What a touching story. I'm so glad you & Mikey found each other. Kudos to your daughter and son-in-law for their kind hearts.
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
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What a beautiful story! Sounds like things are going to work out for everyone!

I am pulling for Mikey for this to be his forever home.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

"The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life. " Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
And since this is in the conformation part of the forum, I'll chip in that I think Mikey looks AWESOME! Wow, didn't he turn into a nicely built guy, glossy and dappled!


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