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The last few days I've been having some troubles with my hosting company. They did an upgrade to their servers and during the upgrade, the forums db was adversely affected. Because of this, the posts from the last few days are lost - anything after May 31st. So.... puddleplasher, can you post those cool pictures from Germany again? I do apologize for this and hope all will be smooth riding from now on.
We're just happy to have DE back! It was a rough couple of days without my DE fix.

Thanks for the hard work, Chuck.
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Thank you Chuck for letting me know that it was not my computer that was having the problem. I am like Paint Gal I need my DE fix daily.
Yep, I can repost the Belgium pics. The commentary will be different, of course. AND... mwaaa ha ha ha... this means that I can just add MORE PHOTOS to it...

No worries Chuck! Just glad to have DE back - I too need my daily DE fix

It's not so bad, we get to see more cool pictures from Belgium and 'plash [clap]
So that's what was going on! Thanks so much for letting us know, Chuck, and it's good to hear from you.

I, too, have some pics to post from attending my first Renaissance Faire that took place here in Huntington, IN. I had a great time, and the Faire went over quite well in its 4 day run. I'll see about getting those pics up in the next day or so.

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