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Geldings or Mares: Which one do you prefer?!
I have had both geldings and mare and I prefer mares. I don't know why, maybe because of bad luck with unruly geldings that were not suited to my beginner rider level. But for me mare it is.
Same thing happened to me, Molly! The first gelding I had was silly and spooky, and threw me several times. I did have one that worked out pretty well. Then I got another gelding, who was just like the first one. I decided to go back to mares. If I was looking for a horse, though, and found a really great gelding, I'd sure not pass him up!

So much just depends on the personalities of the horses and riders.

Originally posted by Red Hawk

Originally posted by Hook

I have no preference having had several of both. They were all great with different personalities. I grieved deeply when they passed on.

But for sure, if a mare goes unsound to ride it can still have a foal. If a gelding becomes unsound it can only be a pasture ornament.

Oh I agree totally, Hook, but it can be a lot of work to raise a foal, though I know some people find it very rewarding. Also, the mare will carry that baby for almost a year and then it'll be two (three?) years before the baby can be ridden... and you still have the mare.

If a gelding goes unsound, yes, he becomes a pasture ornament, but the owner can buy another gelding(or mare) that's trained and ready to ride instead of waiting three to four years on a baby to mature enough to ride.

Of course, I realize the baby can be used to earn some money on the side, but if that mare is the only horse the owner has, he'll still have to buy another horse if he wants something to ride.

Raising a foal can be a rewarding experience for experienced horse folks. 5 of our six were born and raised on our place. You get to develop them the way you want.

Besides Redhawk, an unsound mare and an unsound gelding both have the same replacement opportunities if one is so inclined.

Hook(ed)......on Horses

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Me i have no preference at all, as long as it was quite and suited me thats all that matters.

Friend of mine will not even look at a mare, says they dont get along it could suit her perfectly but she wouldnt even look at a one, i think thats a bit stupid myself

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