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Hi, I'm a new member and hoping someone can help. It was recently sugggested that my horse needs a chiropractor and I'm in between vets. Does anyone know of a veterinary that is also a chiropractor in Maryland, or one that will service Maryland in the Carroll County area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi rykes, and welcome to the forum.

Do any of the vets in the surrounding areas have any names for you?....or try a google search.

Good luck...but what's going on with your horse(s)?

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Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
I'm in between vets right now and don't want to call my old vet, and yes have been goggling.
On Saturday 3/27 I realized when grooming him, he didn't really want me to groom his neck. I discussed with some folks where I board and long story short they were trying to say he had rain rot. I wasn't really excepting that as an answer because he had that once before and was never this sensative. This weekend he wasn't any better asked my farrier on Saturday his opinion. He did some flexing exercises with him an ran something down the muscle in his neck and you could see the muscle tension up and twitch. No he's not a vet, but I value his opinion and he said that he has a vertebrae out of line. So this is one I'm looking for a vetchiropractor in case that's not what it is.
Hi Rykes

I had a vet that did acupunture and chiropratic, but there are folks that specialize in chiropractic only...maybe you can google Equine Chiropracter for your area and see what you come up with.

My TB mare was really stiff when I first got her, touchy on the neck and back. She'd had a baby months back and almost 2 yr hiatus from riding. Took around 4 times and she softened and relaxed. Gave me exercises to do with her in between adjustments. Another time a chiropractor was out checking some show horses where I had a younger fjord in training. For fun, I had him checked. The guy pressed down on his back and said he was fine, then had to give him $100!! Hope it works out.


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