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Saddle size for a child
Hi everyone!

Looks like my nephew got interested in riding a horse!
[Image: belka3-1.jpg]
(Belka is terrified Smile))

But my 15" saddle is definitely too big for him Smile But I can't even imagine what saddle size he might need? He is 6 years old and weights 60 pound (not sure about his height).

Also thinking about getting him kids' stirrups - but not sure if this is a really good alternative to a small saddle? Looks like they hang way too close to the horn? And then, the seat would be too big anyway?

How do you ride your kids? Smile
I love the happy grin.

Most small kids would ride in a 12 inch saddle. Our 9 year old Step Granddaughter fits quite well in Mrs Hook's 14 inch Dakota.

Here she is with the Dakota on Flyer.

[Image: IMG_5344.jpg]

Check out the youth saddles here.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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