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Peruvian Paso saddle
I bought this saddle off a friend who had it sitting around in his attic and needed some cash. My plan is to get it fixed up and then probably sell it, as I'm fairly certain it's too narrow for Pepper. (I'll put the Saddle Shop templates on it sometime soon here, and find out what size it really is...) But I thought I'd post some pictures first and see what y'all thought of it.

[Image: IMG_3632.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3634.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3633.jpg]

The seat and fenders are leather, and the back of the pommel and cantle are rawhide. You can see in this photo that the stitching on the rawhide has come apart, and the nails holding the front of the seat have torn loose too.
[Image: IMG_3636.jpg]

The saddle had only some parts of the full traditional Paso tack, such as the tail-piece and crupper, but not the longer strap that hangs around the hocks. Also, someone removed one of the attachments for that strap from one side of the saddle:
(left side, has attachment buckle)
[Image: IMG_3638.jpg]
(right side, missing attachment buckle)
[Image: IMG_3637.jpg]

Anyway, I liked the simple, working lines of the saddle, and when I sat in it, oh my was it comfy! It immediately settles my pelvis into just the right position. So, so too bad it probably doesn't fit Pepper. Argh.

A very unique sadlle find there.

Interesting workmanship. It almost looks like the leather apron is of a different vintage than the saddle.

Simple repairs to fix the tacks and missing buckle and the raw hide stitching probably doesn't need a fix except for aesthetic purposes.

Hope you luck out and it fits Pepper. Would be nice to see it on her.
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Wow! Very different looking, I'm not familiar with Paso tack.
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