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Update on Marley........

Marley is doing really well since her hind knee surgery last December. She goes hiking with us and can jump up onto the kitchen sofa (especially when she's wet, dirty, and smelly). She's back to her usual extremely happy, joyfull self.
Her other knee probably needs surgery, too, and we'll look at doing that this late fall, when the recovery time will be easier to manage.

Now this is what I really wanted to ask about: You may remember I posted that the day before Easter she caught and played with the "Easter bunny," resulting in his/her untimely death. Well, since then, she's caught and "played with" at least 2 others! Easter Bunny-siblings, I guess. There aren't any marks on them; I think she thinks they're toys, and that heck, they break really easily. She doesn't eat them or anything, just puts them in the yard and goes on about her happy business.

Soooooooooo, 2 evenings ago, she brought me a SQUIRREL, in the same shape. Have you ever seen a dog catch a squirrel? Sigmund, the world's best trail dog-Jack Russell, lives to someday catch a squirrel. Besides taking care of me, it's the entire focus of his life...spotting a squirrel, chasing a squirrel, barking at a treed squirrel for hours (I guess he thinks if he barks long enough the squirrel will just give up and jump down into his waiting jaws). I don't know if she noticed how much he wanted one, and thought, "Well shoot. I'll catch one for him. No problem."

Anyway, I guess that shows how much she's recovered, if she can catch rabbits and squirrels. Anyone else's dog do this??

(One thing that makes this funny, altho not so much for the rabbits and squirrel, is that she's still a bit chubby from the enforced inactivity. You go, Fat Girl!)

[Image: april2010farm024.jpg]
No, she's not purple. It was dusk and the light was
If you can't be a good example, at least be a horrible warning.
Well good for Marley (although not so good for the small critters).
Yes, we've had several dogs that caught squirrels. Usually it is a fatal mistake on the squirrel's part. He'll go partially up a tree, but then realize its not HIS tree and jump down to run to his tree and into the waiting jaws of the dog! I guess it weeds out the stupid ones!
Or else Marley is completely healed and faster than lightening!
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
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That's great news about Marley! Not so great on the wabbit & SQUIRREL! population. My boxers would LOVE to catch a squirrel. If I see one in the yard, I'll wake them up [Wink] and say SQUIRREL! and out they go at warp speed only to find it way up in a tree. LOL!
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Aha! So that's how she probably did it; I canNOT, in my wildest dreams, see Marley as lightning fast!!

A couple of years ago Paul and I were leaving a horse camp with Sigmund on my lap and my truck window down. He caught a glimpse of a squirrel beside the road. He was saved from launching himself out the window by my extremely cat-like quick reflexes..... grabbing him by the hind leg and pulling him back in.

Dogs...gotta love 'em.

And they never tire of that SQUIRREL game, do they PG?!! [Big Grin]

If you can't be a good example, at least be a horrible warning.
Glad Marley is doing so well.

Tell her to lay off the squirrels and rabbits, okay?
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What Killy said - BLESS YOU!

She is so gorgeous, and such intelligence in her eyes. Don't EVER let yourself regret going all-out for her!
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~
My 3 lab mixes will chase ANYTHING that moves! Tiki will chase birds as they fly over, unbelievable. When she was younger, she forgot that objects still existed on the ground and hit a couple of things but she is more mindful of the stationary objects these days. I watched Preston grab a squirrel by the tail on it's way up the tree, poor thing didn't have a chance. I have disposed of squirrels, racoons, groundhogs, moles, shrews... if only they knew the secret was to just not move!

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