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Any riders from the Ga/Tenn area?
Hi, I just found this site a coule of days ago and joined yesterday. It seems to be a great site.

I live in N. Georgia and ride in the Cohutta Mtns. and have gone to Big South Fork a couple of times. Is there anyone else out there that is fromt he SE? I would love to swap trail info.

Hey Rhonda! Welcome to [de]
I'm from Indiana myself, but we have talked about going to the Big South Fork area someday. Would love to hear your input on this area, as well as all your other equine experiences. Oh, and by the way, we love pictures![Wink]
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Hi Rhonda;
Greetings from southeastern Indiana.

We've ridden at the BSF for years, usually once/yr. Great place.

I'd love to hear about riding in Georgia and see pics....hint, hint.
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Thanks for repsonding, me and hubby ride just on Saturdays because we have to pay the feed bill and farrier!

I am from South Texas, but married and moved here 33 years ago. BUT, once a TEXAN alway a TEXAN.

I was raised on QH and loved the big broad chest and butt on them. I had alway had either an appy QH or my last was a big bay QH mare. My hubby's family were into Walking horses and big into showing them. They had several GREAT horses but that was before me.

He kept telling me to get a TWH but I stuck to my QH. After my big mare couldn't trail ride anymore I got a TWH, wow.... never again will I own anything but something qaited this smooth.

Anyway... we ride mostly in the N. Georgia mtns. of Cohutta, a wilderness area. It is beautiful! Since it is a wilderness area the trails are not always great, lots of times there are trees/limbs down and we either have to saw/chop them away or ride around. I love Cohutta the best, it is a lot like BSF in some of the terrain. Cohutta does not have the bluffs or plateaus but beautiful creeks and deep ravines(sp??)

I have been to East Fork Stables, near Big South Fork 3 times and we've rented a cabin w/barn right next to the park 2 times. I love it up there. Some of the areas are very equine friendly. Whole communities that are geared toward trailriding. We rode several trails in the park, and also went to Charit Creek Lodge. I do want to go back there and spend the night. NO electricity, they will fix your meals. They have "real" toilets with showers "in season" (which I guess means not freezing). We plan to go back in the spring. It is a 3 hr drive for us to go there.

There are several other places around that we do "quck" rides that are close to the house but I only go there when we cannot go to a "real trail".

We live in a very small rural community. We own 65 acres with cows/horses/dogs(quail hunting). There is really no place to ride from my house. The pastures are sectioned off for cattle rotation and the roads here are so narrow that I am afraid to ride the roads. I wish I could just saddle up and ride somewhere but it seems impossible. So I LIVE for Saturdays.

Still looking for someone from around my area! I am not computer literate enough to do photos, (I'll talk to my daughter about teching me about them though) and I'll get the correct names of the trails in BSF so I can write correctly about them.


Somewhere here I know I've seen a map showing member locations. Maybe someone will show you how to find it if it is still up.
Hi Rhonda.

Welcome to the forum.

For some help in posting pictures check out the "how to post pictures" here..
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