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A VERY scary one with Annie... Update 3/11/11.
Boy, we had a scary one happen on Sunday! I hadn't posted anything about it before now because I was still so worried about the outcome, but I am starting to feel a little better now.

Adam, Ed, and Alyssa were riding in amongst some pine trees on Ed's new section of ground. They were doing some pretty fast work, and Annie ran over a small pine tree. Well, unbeknownst to anyone before, the little pine tree had a steel T-post driven down alongside it as a support, and Annie hit it. It went into her side, just behind the fender. It also hit Adam's leg and knocked him off the opposite side of the saddle. His feet hit the ground with his arms still around her neck and he was able to bulldog her and get her stopped after she ran a little ways. Once he got her stopped they found the wound in her side. It looked bad. They walked her back to the barn and started checking it out. Adam probed it and was pretty sure it had not gone through her rib cage but went way back along the skin towards her rump, several inches. Ed called the vet and he came out and agreed with Adam's assessment that it did not puncture her abdominal cavity. He cleaned it up and stitched her up. Adam stayed all night at Ed's with her and then brought her home last night. She had not been eating well and they had trouble getting her to take her antibiotics, so we mixed it with applesauce and syringed it into her. By last night her temperature had gotten up to 102.8 and I was getting worried about infection and colic. We gave her another dose of bute and another 1/2 dose of banamine. By about 11:00 last night her temperature had started to come down, and this morning was down to 101.8. Now that she is home with her own food she is eating well and is also pooping OK. I have a call into our own vet to see if there is anything else we should be doing or watching for, but I think if she keeps eating and pooping and her temp continues to come down, she will be OK.

The vet said that she was a VERY lucky girl. An inch difference would have meant she'd be at Purdue.... or worse.

I think horses are as stressful as kids!
Oh Harv that just stinks. I just wanted to cry while I was reading this. I'll be praying fot her and Adam cause that's just gotta rock your world in a real bad way.
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Sending healing vibes your way. I am really familar with the feeling of seeing one of your horse children injured. Hope she continues to improve!
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How awful! I almost couldn't bring myself to read this...and I'm so thankful Annie has improved and is going to be okay.

WHEW! It was hard for me to click on it too. I'm so glad it wasn't worse for Annie and that Adam wasn't hurt. Good job on getting her feeling good enough to eat! It's always a really good sign when they're chowing down.

I'll sure be thinking of Annie and sending lots of getbettervibes to her.
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OMG got my heart pounding....Hope everything turns out well, prayers coming your way.
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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It was like a train wreck - I had to click even though I didn't want to look. I am so glad that both Adam and Annie are ok - big sigh of relief! Sending well wishes for a quick recovery for Annie.

Praying for a speedy recovery with no further complications. Made my stomach feel kinda sick when I read the post...too close to what I faced just over a year ago when you're not sure of the outcome. You just never know what can happen in just "a blink of an eye"... and they are such an important part of our lives. Keep us posted please!

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Sending healing thoughts your way for Annie, Harv.

Good work on getting the vet so quickly and nursing her through.

Stay away from those pine trees, at least until you have examined every single one and removed the T posts.

Good reminder for us all to be careful riding in new places. Trouble can happen when it is least expected sometimes from the most innocent sources. Who would have thought a pine tree would be armed.
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Oh my goodness, poor Annie. Healing vibes sent for her. I'm glad her temp is coming down. Keep us updated.

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