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suggestions for well made, light weight saddles
I ride western, for pleasure only, and have recently hurt my back/shoulder so swinging heavy saddles is now going to be a major issue.
What is out there on the market that is well made, light weight(less than 20 pounds, with short skirting lengh or rounding skirts? I know about wintecs but am not a fan--they tip down over the wither and are not that comfortable, at least for me. I love Lami Cell saddles but they are over 20 pounds. Endurance are awesome but pricey.

Is there anything else out there I could consider. Thanks for any input.
Have you looked at barrel saddles? Most are very light and IMO, comfortable. I trail rode in my barrel saddle until it wore out. RH rides in one and I've seen lots of other trailriders in barrel saddles too.
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I have scanned a little for barrel saddles but it seem that alot of them now days are square skirted and really long ie. >25inches in length. I'll check out the saddle shop to see what Chuck has.
I do own a WR barrel saddle but it doesn't fit any of the horses I currently ride. Sigh. Saddle fitting for equine and human is not easy.
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Have you looked at the Fabtron synthetic saddles? I think they are about the best made synthetics. My wife loved hers, but unfortunately it did not fit her horse well and she ended up getting a Dakota to replace it. We donated the Fabtron to a theraputic riding center. It was well made, comfortable, and light weight. Nice saddle, if you like the synthetic saddles. Not sure about under 20 lbs, but probably in the 20's.
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Try Trail Master Saddles, they have a 17.5 pound saddle,ladies. I dont know anything about them , but there is a neat video explaining.

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