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3rd show this year!
Hi all, got to tell someone, went to show this weekend, stomach in mouth as usual, (ugh) however, managed to get Molly in the arena for about hour and a half before show started, she is still not very happy with loudspeakers with music, and most definitely not thrilled with applause, (doesn't matter who its for) eventually she settled and we did 100% better in Prelim Pleasure than last time, only prob this time couldn't get left lead lope, but DID GET RIGHT LEAD , so that was brilliant. then next class was walk jog and we got a THIRD so am well pleased with that, there were 9 in the class, the last proper WES show we went to 5 weeks ago we got 6th out of 9 so feel we have made some progress.

Off to a 3 day intensive rider course with the trainer next week along with a friend I have persuaded that she needs to do it too, will keep you all posted, also DIDNT COME OFF so that was another good point for the day.

Happy trails all

It sounds like you're making progress and 3rd out of 9 is great!
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You both did great! That is a big improvement, I think!
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Anniepops, congrats! Sounds like she is getting desensitized to it and improving!

got any pics to post from the show?

Have fun at your horseathon!
Congrats! Applause is a hard thing to desensitize a horse to, since it's hard to assemble a large cooperative crowd at most practice locations! So your improvement is really a HUGE big step there!

Thanks everyone for kind comments, its great to have someone to share with.

regarding the applause, just in case anyone else has the problem, my son found me a website to go to where you can buy cd's of applause and crowd noises,

nothing else just that and I have played it to her several times at home but its in the open, so need to take it to the practice arena next time and see if I can play it there, it must sound different inside, perhaps it echoes more.

anyway we are making progress so am really pleased.

Do have pics but at the moment can't upload, we are on a dial up system that came off the ark when Noah had a clear out and its pathetic, can't get broadband, isn't it wonderful we can put men on the moon but a few trees completely messes up us getting broadband. will see if I can get hubby to do some at the office or something?

take care all
happy trails

ps just had a thought, if you go to then click on area 4 and then click on the photo albums there are a couple of pics in the richmond show album which was the first one I did, pictures 6/14/20 & 21 are me n Molly. I lost my hat part way through so finished off in hard hat. hence the difference. and as you can see we are definitely not gate experts yet?
hope this link works for you.
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