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Reining saddles
I've been trying to find a reining saddle that will fit me and my horse and have found none... I need a 15" size, but most saddles start with 15,5 at minimum, more often - 16"!!! Does anyone know why is that? Or they need to be 0,5 bigger than any other to be the same fit?

I was also surprised to find out that most reining saddles have a 28"-29" long skirts... My current trail saddle has 24,5" skirt and it's max, as my horse is rather short-backed. 29" would reach her tail Smile)

The reason I'd like a reining saddle is because they are often made with close contact skirts which I like more... I'm also trying to find one that will have a more or less vertical seat with the legs right under the bottom, not forward as on some reining saddles...

but it seems not very realistic to find one Sad
If you are looking for a close contact deep seated saddle with a short skirt you might take a look at a Barrel saddle. They come in a variety of designs and trim levels.

The Dakota's we have bought from Chuck may just fit the bill. Mrs Hook has a 14 inch seat and mine is 15".
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Well... never sat in a barrel saddle, but from what it looks, I'd prefer more freedom of movement... maybe... i.e. flatter seat

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