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My white boy
I thought since I am new to the forum I would drop a couple pictures of my horse. His name is Gringo. He is out of Dash for Cash lines. I have only had him four months, so we are still adjusting to each other. Thought I would also drop a picture of our first trip to the beach. We went on a poker ride last Sunday. 10 miles of beach riding. He did good.

[Image: IMG00209.jpg]

[Image: Beach.jpg]

What a pretty boy! I would love to beach ride some day! Man that looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing![Smile]
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Boy, he sure is shiny in that first picture! Was he wet?

I wanna beach ride too!

Gringo is a nice looking guy. Of course, I'm just a little partial to red/white tobys. LOL!

Is the other horse a Clyde? It looks like he's got snow boots on. [Big Grin]
Karen ~ Trails  
Joe Paint Gelding
Paoli, IN

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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Splash - No, he's not wet in the first picture. When it's dry out and he's not dirty, he cleans up fairly well. I haven't had a white horse before, I think he's dirty all the time!

PaintGal - The other horse is my dad's horse, he's a Shire. He is a great mellow horse. I almost hate riding with him because everybody wants to stop and talk about him or pet him or take his picture... I guess I take it for granted we have a beautiful big guy out in the field!
Welcome GG from me and my gelding Killian in Alaska! What part of Oregon are you in...right on the coast? There are a few DE members out your way...puddleplasher is in WA...maybe close?

Your ride is a handsome looks like a fun place to have a poker ride too! Thanks for posting your pictures!

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Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
No, I'm not right on the coast. We are along the western edge of the Willamette Valley. About an hour from the coast.

Thanks for all the welcomes!
Being on dial-up, it takes awhile for the pics to come in. So I usually read all the posts before seeing the pics. I should've known PG's referal to "toby" was Paint talk for "tobiano", but I'm a Foundation Appaloosa admirer and immediately thought "Toby" as in Foundation Appaloosa bloodlines <wiping egg off face> [:I][Big Grin][Wink].

I like the pic of you and your dad on the beach. Hey PG! If I can ever get you to ride with me to Lake Monroe again, you can ride on a beach. Not a very big one, but it IS a beach [Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin].
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Oh, hey, I didn't realize you were in the Willamette. A friend went riding at Newhalem Park (?) recently, was that where you and your dad went?

We were in Newport of the south jetty. I think it was just called the South Beach State Park. It is one of the designated areas for horses to ride. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Posse was hosting a poker ride.

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