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Never Thought I'd see Another Saddle Like Mine
I don't know if any of you looked at the trail/barrel saddle for sale at the bottom of the page, but it is almost identical to the one I have and ride in all the time on Terra. The only difference is it looks like the stirrup fenders are suade on this one. Mine is regular leather, but the suade seat and pommel is exactly the same except mine is green where this one is brown. And just like the owner says; My saddle has no identifying marks as to brand or who made it.

It might not mean much to some of you, but I just couldn't believe that there was another saddle like mine out there. I wish there was a way to find out where both of them came from and who made them. Mine is the best saddle I've ever owned. I bought it used from another lady about 20 years ago, and she bought it used from someone else and had it three years herself. So it's hard telling how old it is, but I'd say 25 to 30 years, and it's still going strong.

I guess I should say that I'm not trying to help the owner sell this saddle, but it sure took me by surprise.

I did see it, and noticed it was a lot like yours!

It is strange there was no brand marking for either of them. Tends to make me think they possibly were made by the same company, even though it is hard to tell which one.


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