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Anybody have any horse purchasing tips
We are looking at adding a new horse and was wondering if there are any buying tips or a checklist of things to go thru in the process. There is probably already a thread out there someone could direct me to, or maybe suggestions of things to consider and look for. Just want to be sure we haven't missed something.
My best suggestion...don't take me along...I am trying to keep my good standing in HAA[Big Grin]

I know there have been threads on this...Hook is great at finding archived stuff.....Hook???
I would be the very worst person to offer suggestions! Just about every horse I've purchased, turned out to have some serious behavior problems. The only thing I've had good luck with has been to buy or breed a baby and send it to a good trainer when old enough to ride.

[url=""]Here[/url] is a thread from a while back about purchasing a horse.

A lot of people say to avoid horse traders and while there are some that are sleazy, it's been my experience that they aren't going to deliberately misrepresent a horse. Much of their business is by word of mouth so they want that "word" to be positive. [Wink]

Check the online horse ads in your area to get an idea of prices for what you're looking for. Also, if you decide to look at any of the horses advertised online, make sure to print out the ad and take it with you.

Good luck & keep us posted.
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Check with other horse people in that particular area where the horse is and nearby horse communities...turns out half the town knew of my horse bucking off the previous owner on a regular basis. I bought the horse w/ out knowing of course, and still have people comment on my "getting him over his bucking issue"!
Everything else is in the checklist thread I'm sure...

Good luck!! [Big Grin]

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the only thing I could add would be when u find a horse get it vet checked u might be out some money but if there is something wrong u might not be out a lot of money in the long run unless u feel like takeing on a horse with heath problems.
Michele ~
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My single best tip is to show up at least 45 min early for your appointment. If they're riding the hair off the horse, bathing a hot horse, etc, beware.
When I sell a horse, I have him groomed but loose in a lot or pasture, then I have them see me catch, groom, saddle him.
If you can't be a good example, at least be a horrible warning.

I had the owner of the stables that I board at look for me. He is one of those people with lots of connections and he has a knack for matching people up with the right horse. Of course, he wants to sell you a horse, but like PG said... he has a reputation to maintain or he's out of business. [Smile]
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If it's a small town (like we live in), talk to the local feed store people. They're Grand Central for rumors, probably know most of the horse community (firsthand or secondhand), and might even be familiar with the horse you're looking at. Around these parts, there's one bigger outfit that's WELL known...the owner is a real scheister, but plays the "good ol' boy" routine....Definitely "Buyer beware!"
Buy a gelding! I can't tell you how many times I've heard she's not mareish at all only to find out she's a terror when shes in season.

Vet checks are cheap compared to vet costs associated with a long term condition. ALWAYS do a vet check. I'd have no problem spending $600 to vet check a free horse...seriously. Make sure the vet knows what you will use the horse for and who will be riding it (ie child vs adult,experienced vs inexperienced) Draw blood to check for drugs. Or better yet have a trial period of at least two weeks.

Check the papers, any Impressive (test for HYPP) or Poco Bueno have them tested for HERDA.

Buy the best conformation you can afford, that is appropriate to the discipline you want to do. If you don't know what this means take someone with you that does. Smile

Have fun!

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