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Side Passing

You can also start on the ground, giving he help to understand what you want, and seeing how she moves.. jagged or fluent.

When riding see if you can move her hunches at a stop (use a wall if she goes forward too much)
Then on a circle get her to move her hunches a bit more, crossing just the back.
Whether she "new" it or not its a great reminder for her to take the steps..

Eventually you can have her "move out" sideways of the circle..
What you want to look for is a relaxed head down feeling, and a "curved" body, whether shoulder in or hunches out..

When beginning ask very little sideways, increasing the angle as you both progress. It should be a 3 lines movement, 1 front feet, 2nd front feet & 1 hind feet, then the 4th..

As i said, start at the stop, then the walk, then trot and so on.. If she is a gaited horse this is harder for them..

Happy Training,
thanks for sharing ridding tips.

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