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Any one hit with tornados? Dixieme? PICS ADDED

Hope you all are ok in the path of those tornados that ripped through yesterday. My folks hometown of Mena was hit, I know Dixieme lives in that area. They were pretty bad in some areas. God was with my family, they are all ok, no power or phones, only cellphones.
Here are a few photos my brother sent me of the damage done to Mena Arkansas.

[Image: tornado3.jpg]

[Image: tornado4.jpg]

[Image: tornado5.jpg]

This one has a little story behind it. Mena took in some Katrina victims, and unfortunately, they were a very ungrateful group of people. They wanted first class accomodations, and were very insulting to their hosts. I guess that still smarts in this little city.

[Image: tornado6.jpg]

Sorry if you can't read what it says.... Katrina! Arkansas takes care of it's own!

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That is so so sad and very scary, my heart goes out to these people in Arkansas anyways.
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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Still no word from Dixieme...the news coverage showed so much devastation, and I hope she, her family, and her horses, are okay. Monte, I hope your folks have their power back!

I hope that we just haven't heard anything because she lost her internet. I'll keep praying for those in the areas hit.

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Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
Wow! I'm sure glad your family is okay and my thoughts are with those that suffered damage. Fingers crossed for DixieMe! I hope she checks in soon.
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