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I just found out I have a brain tumorUPDATE 12/28
I started seeing spots constantly about four weeks ago, went to the eye dr. he dialated me and we all have these fiber optic nerves in the backs of our eyes, well thats what there supposed to be fiber optic, mine was terribly swollen and I had some hemirraging back there.

He refired (sp) me to a neurologist, she took blood, then ordered me and mri, she saw something on that so then she ordered cat scan, had me do that in the am and wanted to see me later that day. So she presented it to us and thats where i'm at. She said she thinks is a slow growing, like I've had it for at least a couple of years, if not several. She did say that its quite large, most measure in mm mine is 6 cm across and 5 in up and down, its on the left side which controls like speech and i cant remember all.

My hand writing has went to pot the last two months and my right leg has been weeker for a while.

So, thats whats going on........we are claiming it to be benign (sp) if you please send up some prayers I'd appreciate it. Our God is an awesome God, when the devil attacks like this God changes it for good. My Christianity is holding me up and strong.

I've read and reread your post and still can't believe what I'm reading. I am so very sorry that you're dealing with this.

What is the treatment?

I've already sent a prayer and will keep you and your family in my thoughts and continued prayers. Please keep us posted.
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Um, we go up tomorrow to Indy to do a biopsy. So thats about all I know for now. Thank, you for your prayer!!!
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I'm stunned! And so sorry! Big hugs and prayers coming your way!!

I believe another forum member (Dodib) also had a brain tumor. She's young like you, had surgery, recovered...and bought more horses!![Big Grin] I hope things go just as well for you.

There are great medical centers all over, but if possible, a large teaching hospital or one famous for neurology program would be a good place to be treated if possible/get 2nd opinion on treatment options.

Hang in there! Please keep us updated!
Oh my, I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and checked in here and couldn't believe what I was reading, Tiffany my prayers are with you, have faith, yes he is a wonderful God trust in him and be strong. we are all here if you need to talk or just for us to listen.
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So sorry to hear this. I will be prayig for you and your family. God is an awesome and merciful God and nothing is too hard for Him to do. Trust and be not afraid.
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Sending you a hug. I can imagine how lost you feel right now. I will certainly pray for you. God will stand with you and will not leave. Stay positive and try not to worry.
Tuffy, I can hardly believe it. Good that they think it is benign, good that it was caught before serious damage, and I love your good strong attitude. Keep it up, girl, and your strength & God's will see you through. My thoughts are with you.


I am praying for the Lord to guild the doctors that are seeing you, and will pray for good news about treatment. Hang in there, and please keep us posted.

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Healing thoughts coming your way from the Hooks.

Good luck on the biopsy.
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