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opinions on buying mediocre conformation
Originally posted by PaintGal

Originally posted by Hook

SO, when are you going to see her...............[Big Grin]

NO wait, as President of HAA,[:I] I am SUPPOSED to talk you out of acquiring any more horses....., so count the number of horses you have, review how much it costs to keep them, you might even calculate the ....... COST PER RIDE.[}Smile]

Originally posted by PaintGal
Now you know all HAA does is ENCOURAGE DE members to ADD to their equines and equine related stuff. LOL!!

Yeah...I thought HAA was a support group of everyone who JUST CAN'T SAY NO! [Big Grin][Big Grin]
Looking forward to your own pictures of her...she looks nice!

It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.
Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
I am very impressed with her videos. What a nice little girl! I did think I heard her call your name a time or two!
Geez, air fares are so cheap...I could even fly up and return the same day...snowing there right now though....

The sad part is I have 3 other horses, me the only (and not so good) rider....I look at them and think probably can't sell them for personal reasons and what am I going to do with 4?

Then I think she may be the RIGHT horse, and my others probably are not.

My plan: I am going to wait it out, hoping the other lady buys her. And if she doesn't, THEN consider flying up there. She sure is nice though and the seller is giving me every chance to see her first.
So? Did you fly up and buy this little cutie?
I am on hold. Seller does have someone coming this week to ride her. Hope it all works out for them...i DON"T need another horse...and can't figure out wo I would sell....even though she wounds like the horse I should have at this point in my life!!!

One thing a fjord breeder brought up re: the conformation: the way the fjord people score, if mediocre, they will also tell you what to watch for , potential lameness issues etc. becuase of the scores. Interesting thought.....though if that good of a horse NOW, would not worry too much about it.

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