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Missing Buttons Week 1
I'd have to say that the 1st week turned out pretty good. Morgan had some extra time in the afternoon to work with MB since she got out of school early after taking exams.

Still don't think she's settled on a name yet.
She dug around in the tack box and put together a headstall and reins to exercise with. We are thinking Royal Blue with some bling for her color.

What we have been told about MB is that she was sent to the track but didn't cut the mustard. Next it was off to Dressage school for a while[confused2. Don't know what she has been doing since. Someone said she hadn't been ridden in a couple years but if thats true she sure didn't put up a fight when Morgan cowgirled up.

Here is a link to a short video and then a couple more pics. ( I can't wait for spring, its so gray and gloomy in these pics[Sad])

Video link¤t=100_1491.flv

[Image: 100_1492.jpg]

[Image: 100_1481.jpg]

[Image: 100_1479.jpg]
I think we need to move down to your neck of the woods. Up here it's still ice and snow.

Miss B looks like she is coming along well. She looks very willing and smart. Like the video of the training run too.

Thanks for the update.
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Oh Wow! Dressage training?? That is a huge plus. She should be pretty flexible and should respond quickly to leg cues.

They look good together!

I have to say that when I saw you're subject "Missing Buttons..", I thought that Buttons was missing! DUH!
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Looks like Miss B (or whatever her name ends up being) has some nice balanced gaits in that video, and you can see that she's got speed she isn't calling on yet. I hope she works out well.

And I can say that royal blue with bling works pretty well on a gray horse. [Smile]


They do look good together. Morgan has her well in hand I see. I think they're going to do great.
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