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What do you do for a living???
I'm interested in what people do for a living. Just for my own curiosity I guess.Ya never know what topics may come from this. I thought this might be fun as I was mucking out the barn and conversating with the girls. Well I was talking but they weren't answering of course, just getting in my way. haha
Sooo tell me your career choice, that of your spouse as well. If lucky enough to be retired then tell what from and how long.
This could really be interesting!
I'll start.
I'm a dental hygenist and my spouse is a design engineer in the RV business. ( He's lucky so far he still has a job, but neither of us are holding our breath )

This is a good topic! I'm interested in what people do also, it takes up such a big part of our lives.

I'm have been a postal clerk for 24yrs. Hubby is a machine tech for the postal service. We are going to retire in about 15 months. He will have 37 yrs. in when we retire.
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I am a Pony Express Rider, splittin' long cracks in the air, tearin' up the prickly pear....... oh wait, you mean when reality whacks me up side the head?

I am a Commercial Lines Underwriting Manager for an insurance company. I have been at the same company for almost 31 years. (Talk about being in a rut!) My wife Deb is a 3rd grade teacher, our son Adam is a firefighter, and our daughter Sally is a theater box office manager. For volunteer work, I also spent 27 years as a volunteer firefighter and 10 years as a reserve deputy sheriff.

Looking forward to retirement in (hopefully) about 5-6 years.
"You learn a thing a day, you store up smart" - Festus Haggen

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From the creatures in his care." -
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Depends on the perspective...
To Bear, I'm "Sugar Guy."
To Remi, I'm "Other One" (the Good Dr. is Mom!)
I'm not sure what I am to Ranger, but it must be pretty good - like they say, if I could only be the person he thinks I am!
To Cricket, I'm "Dog Fud Giver Person" and marginally useful in a pinch.

For a paycheck, I'm a business analyst for a company that makes accounting software, and I teach an internal auditing class as an adjunct. The Good Dr. is a professor of Public Administration.
I'm so busy, I'm not sure if I found a rope or lost my horse.
I'm a software geek, currently teaching and writing class books for software classes but in January will be going back to do software localization project management (in real-speak: take English software, get it translated to foreign languages) at Microsoft, which I used to do before. Hubby also used to work at Msft but now works for the University programming unmanned undersea research vehicles.

My hobbies you know about: jousting & sword-swinging, trail riding, and volunteer trails chair for King Cty Horse Council.

I am a medical lab technician although I haven't worked in the field for 20 years. My husband is an electrical engineer and in 1985 started his own company automating jails, prisons & detention centers as well as manufacturing processes. I became girl friday at our company and did everything from scrubbing toilets to doing payroll. Hubby designed an control system for the penal system that automated everything in the cells; lights, plumbing, TV surveilance, intercom and door locks. We were fortunate enough to sell the company and his system and retire in 2000. I got my horses in retirement and hubby bought the local defunct TV station and does video production to keep himself busy. One of my more unique jobs at the company was providing the voice of the control panels in the jails, so if you are ever a "customer" in one of our jails, you get to hear my voice everytime a door opens!
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Right out of high school I rode race horses for a living. That was my dream since I was in the 6th grade and watched Steve Cauthen win the Triple Crown. Marriage and a daughter ended that and I went to work in a factory, was eventually promoted to a Contract Specialist position and earned my college degree at night over many years. Today I am a "Client Relationship Manager" or 'Jack of all, master of none'. I work at a small company implementing clients and then supporting those clients on our web application. I also train/break horses on the side.
Great topic!
It is interesting to see what everyone does. I work in a small factory that manufactures industial steam injection heaters. I wear many hats there. I drive the delivery truck. I also do much of the shipping and recieving, some assemply and when I have nothing else to do I run a drill press. That is my full time job. On Sunday mornings I milk 80 head of dairy cows. (That is to keep up on my cheep hay connections.) I also give a few riding lessons here and there. I used to break horses but I am getting older now and it really hurts when you hit the ground. Hubby is happy that I am not doing that any more. And when the weather is bad I do Hand tooled Leather. which helps me to afford the horses. My Hubby is a Heating and Air conditioning instaler.
I whisper but my horse don't listen.
I'm retired from Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY and spent a LONG 18yrs in the classroom teaching biology & anatomy. I took night & summer classes to get my library degree and finished my teaching career as a librarian in 2002.

A couple of years ago, in the winter when it was cold and yucky out, I saw an ad in our local paper about a position in our public library. It was only a couple of days a week and seemed like a good idea at the time so I applied and am now working part time at the library. It's not too bad as long as it's cloudy, windy, wet & cold out. LOL!

Hubby "retired" from the school system long before I did. One year, he drove through the parking lot on the 1st day, out the other side, back home and never returned. He's the Compliance Manager at a Cat (heavy equipment) dealer now.
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I wear many hats as a single mom trying to keep the roof over mine and my kiddo's head. My main (full-time 40 hr/week) job is that of research assistant/administrative assistant for the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention at the University of Kentucky, which is funded through NIOSH and the CDC. My part-time job (25-30/hr week) is working in the fuel kiosk at one of our local Kroger stores. I am also a Notary Public and someone who independently processes H2A and H2B visas for immigrants coming into the US for work, although I haven't done much of either of these two things in the past 3 or 4 years.

My dream job would be working in some capacity with horses. I am entertaining the idea of going to school for equine massage. Working at the Kroger store in Lexington has provided me with many Thoroughbred horse farm owners/managers, and I have had a few conversations with them regarding their use and need for equine massage therapists. I've gotten some good feedback from them and may be considering the schooling. I could still work my full-time job (where I get my benefits) and replace the Kroger work with the massge therapy work with horses. Wouldn't that be grand?

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The animals remember,
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