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Tracking Ride Time
Would DE members be intested in keeping a record of the time spent on a horse during 2009?

RH has participated in a program like this with Terra so she might be able to 'splain how it works. I don't think it matters what type of riding you do, whether out on trails or arena work as long as you're on a horse. I guess trail riders could track miles as well but without a GPS or hoofometer that might be difficult to do.

Any thoughts?

I'm thinking Chuck could award saddles to the winning guy & gal as well as one for the person that had the idea for DE to start with. [Big Grin]
I think that would be really neat, although we almost always have the "exactly how long did we ride?" conversation on the way home. Smile I'd love to know, and it could be motivating to getting us out there in the cold and riding.
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Just for a point of reference, TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association) has what is known as a "Distance Award Program" for trail riders.

They provide Distance Logs for each registered horse. The logs record time on the horse rather than miles. It has a comment section to record the type of riding; i.e. road, trails, organized rides, etc.

The logs are free for the asking as long as the person has a registered TWH. I have one for each of my Walkers even though I never participated in the program. It is amazing to look back at the log to see what I did and how long ago.

I said all that to say that I know SSHBEA also will give out logs to anyone owning a registered SSH, so maybe other breeds have similar programs and offer free logs.

Or maybe DE could even establish an on-line log for EACH member & their horse(s) at their request. They could be kept track of on-line under the DE umbrella.

Once a DE riding season has been established, the logs could be reviewed by DE staff at the end of that season, and accolades handed out to the winners.

Just my thoughts[Smile]
Sounds like fun!!! I always take my GPS cause I'm a techno junkie . How about some different categories as well. Gaited/nongaited. Miles/hours. Lives in south/north And here's a good one retired/works 40 hours and has a kid LOL!!!!!!
[url=""]Wendi's Riding Log[/url]

Every saddle log program that I've been involved with doesn't put you in any competition. It's based on each individual person reaching certain goals and not on who rides the most. EZ & I are in the FAHR (Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry) Saddle log program, and it goes something like this:

Once a participant has acheived 100 hrs. of riding time, they are awarded a distance patch and a "chevron" that has "100 hours" printed on it. Chevrons are awarded for 250 hours, 500 hrs., 1000 hrs., etc. Enrollment fee is $15 a year.

They also have a distance program for those that compete in endurance competition or competitive trail. This program keeps track of the miles instead of the hours, and some very nice awards are handed out according to how many miles the horse travels in a year... or something like that. I'm not as familiar with the distance program as I am the saddle log program.

But the main thing is that in the saddle log program there is no competition against any other participant. It's just a way for a person to get recognition for the hours they ride and for that person to set personal goals as to how many hours they wish to acheive.

EZ passed me in hours some time ago. The reason is that she has 3 FAHR Appaloosas to my one. Dove is not FAHR registered and as such ineligible for the FAHR saddle log program. EZ also rides much more than I do, but it doesn't bother me because I'll reach my goals in my own time and get recognition for it. I've just earned my 250 hour chevron this year, and I think I've been in the program for at least 3 years now. EZ started at the same time but is now way past the 300 hour mark. You go at your own pace and your own goals. I had enough competition during my 35 years in the show ring, and like the slower pace of the saddle log program.

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Sounds fun to me, and it might be a good motivation on a 45 degree day to saddle up instead of saying to heck with it. Unfortunately, we're at the time of year here where the days are getting shorter and colder, the horses are getting fuzzier and more energetic, and it's easier to give them this week off than it is to dig out the gloves and earmuffs and head on down the trail. Anyway, I'm willing to set a goal and try to hit it, or just report in. And heck, with a free saddle for the prize, who wouldn't join in? Smile
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AQHA have a very similar program to the one RH is talking about. We have never signed up for it because
1. I am cheap [Big Grin]
2. I really don't care about the number of hours I spend in the saddle.


If Check is giving out nice new saddles for the winner, you bet I am going to be signing up and I will make sure I submit the very most hours possible!! [Wink][}Smile][Big Grin]
That's a GREAT idea!

Even if Chuck doesn't want to give out anything, it would be very neat to see how many hours I've spent in the saddle. Of course I do spend more time on the ground, but timing riding hours is probably something that most other people would like to log instead.

But how would one track the hours, and make sure that they actually rode that many hours? Just curious.


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I'm in the AQHA program because it was only $25 to join, and you got a $25 gift certificate after only 50 hours, and I knew I'd be doing 50 hours in no time flat, so how could I lose? My problem is always forgetting to write down the dang hours when I get back. If someone could suggest ways to do THAT, I could use the help. [Smile] Maybe if there was a DE tracking as well, I'd be more motivated to be thorough...

Originally posted by Horsecrazygirl

That's a GREAT idea!

But how would one track the hours, and make sure that they actually rode that many hours? Just curious.


TWHBEA's Distance Program used to be free, but they've had a major organizational shakeup in the last two years, so I don't know if there's a fee.

Anyway to the question: Chevron patches were earned on the Honor System.

It was expected that everyone would be honest about their time in the saddle[Smile]

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