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Stall Knocking/Tire/Abcess
Hello all, haven't been posting for a while but have been on and reading. The news here is my gelding Ivan has an absess (second one in 10 days) and we have to keep him in the stall. The problem is he knocked so loud with his front hoof (we have dutch doors) it sounded like a human taking a hammer to the door [:O]. My neighber called at 3AM - thinking one of the horses was bucking or something.

The vet came today (to the tune of $420 [:O])he said put a tractor or truck tire in front of the stall door. He won't want to fool with walking around it and it makes it hard to get in place to knock. And, by the way, he said they use tires in the stall for stall walkers.

Thought I'd share this info. with my fellow beginners since it was a quandry to me last Tues. @ 3AM when the neighbor called about all the noise. I just let the boy out. I didn't know what else to do and figured if I didn't let him out I'd be working with a damaged front hoof as well as the back.

Oh and the absess... came from a stone bruise so those rocks that are growing out there in the pasture ... it pays to pick them up [Tongue]. We have long weekends of stone picking coming up. We live in an area called Granite ... need I say more!

Thanks for the tip Bethany! I'm sure you probably saved someone $420 for the vet visit! [Smile]
Those rocks can be expensive!!

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For some reason, it isn't unusual for a horse to have an abcess, and then get another one (in the same or different foot). 3 years ago, one of my mares had one in a front foot, and then two weeks later, had another one in a hind foot. $600!!

The tire idea was one I hadn't heard of, sounds like a good one!

Oh - I like the tire idea! I have two horses that paw while they are eating their grain. They dig big holes in the stall under their feed tubs. I wonder if I put a small tire under the feed tub if that would stop the pawing? We are gonna find out [Big Grin]

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