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Mongolian tree saddle with Silver accesories
Hello what do you think about this saddle.


Sincerely Ariunbold From Mongolia

Wow! That looks very fancy! It also looks very old. What can you tell us about it? Does it have a specific use, or is it just the type of saddle developed in Mongolia?
A good rider has a thinking mind, fine emotions and a sensitive hand.-Tu Yu,72 BC

Hello Montezrider

You can read about this saddle history from here.

Mongolian people use same saddle since Mongolian Empire.
I think our nationality have a great history and great culture.
You know our nationality is nomadic nationality.
Every countryside people use this saddle everyday.
But silver accesories saddle is special.
We like use this saddle in our traditional days.Example:Naadam,Tsagaan sar ect...
Countryside people think good silver accesories saddle same good car.
But nowadays the people forgot our traditional life.
In our country the silver accesorries saddle fad to every day.
I worried about it.
It's very ruefully.

Thank you
Sincerely Ariunbold from Mongolia

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