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Saddle Help
Well here it is almost 2 years later and the first picture is when I received my new Crates 2171 w. I was so happy to see the flair in this pic. Since then in Oct 2010 he bowed his tendon running with his herd so was out of commission for riding, we bought a new mare for my hubby in June of 2011 and would be just a couple weeks before I could ride my horse again so was just about perfect timing.....until he got hit indirectly by lightining...yes he survived and is doing very well! So have been riding him with a bareback pad a little since late last year Oct/Nov and am now riding him quite a bit for winter 16 mi in Jan, over 30 in Feb and at least that much already in March. My hubby has been using my saddle on his horse and it appears to fit her very well, except we have to continually shift it back to the center of her slides to the right. Have are still getting Chiro/acupunture done on her..just about everything was off on her left so that may be why the saddle need constant shifting back into place.
Anyways the saddle that was purchased for my horse is a tad wide for him now, guess I am hoping he will fill out after getting back into shape. The rest of the pic's are from a couple weeks ago. Charlie took a look at some of the pic's and didn't see a problem with it on either horse. When I am riding though unless his head is down it is tight with no flair..even if he just turns his head a tad either way or brings his head up it is tight. You just cant see it. well here goes..lets see if the pic downloads from facebook.
ok it won;t let me, guess I will read up on the post above that shows how..
If you're trying to link a pic from FB, you'll need to get the larger pic, RIGHT click on it, go to "properties" and copy the URL. Then you can insert that into your post by putting brackets around IMG and /IMG with the pic URL between the ] & [.

It should look like this but with NO spaces:

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